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      1. Toolmakers 4.0

        Innovation: a growth opportunity

          Interview with Elena Cropelli, owner of Cropelli Srl – Unipersonale Cropelli Srl Unipersonale (BS), on the market since 1980, designs and manufactures plastic injection moulds and die-casting tools, intended for automotive, nautical,…

        Industry 4.0? A cultural revolution

        Interview with Lino Pastore, Sales manager of Giurgola Stampi Giurgola Stampi (MB) operates in the design and manufacturing of injection moulds for plastic materials intended for the sectors of pharmaceutical, packaging, body care,…

        The importance of “networking” in the fourth industrial revolution

        Interview with Alessandro Scalici, owner of Pantostamp For over 20 years, Pantostamp has designed and manufactured complex multi-cavity moulds for plastic materials intended for the Packaging industry and, in particular, for the pharmaceutical,…

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